August 13, 2015

5 More Tips for Getting the Most Out of OX App Suite


Hostway Team

tinyoxlogoMany of our customers are still getting use to Open-Xchange’s App Suite. Along with this introductory video and our upcoming live product demonstration, we’d like to provide you another five tips for using your new email and collaboration tool.

Be even more productive with OX App Suite:

Check out these additional tools.

  1. When you receive an email with multiple people in the “to” list, you can click on “Actions” which will open a dropdown list.
  2. You can select “Send new mail,” “Invite to appointment” or “Save as distribution list.”
  3. If you select “Send new mail,” it will create a new email with all of the contacts who were in the original email.
  4. If you select “Invite to appointment,” it will bring you into the "Create Appointment" box and it will include all of the contacts that were in the original email.
  5. If you select “Save as distribution list,” you’ll create a distribution list with these contacts.

Did you know? You can use Halo view to get a complete overview of your correspondence with a contact. From Halo view, within the email section, you can click on any contact and it will bring up recent conversations, shared appointments; if you are connected via social media, you'll learn more. You can also click on any meeting to get all of its details, and click on files to preview the file.


Scheduling Appointments in OX App Suite:

Plan your team’s huddle time.

  1. Click on the Calendar tab.
  2. To schedule an appointment, select a time in the calendar, then click and drag the desired time frame.
  3. The “Create appointment” box will appear. Just fill in the details and select the participants.
  4. Click “Create” and your appointment will be sent to all of the participants.

Did you know? You can see when your co-workers are available for a meeting. In the Calendar tab, click "New" and the "Create Appointment" box will appear. Enter the desired participants into an appointment, then click “Find a free time.” This will bring up a calendar with all of the participants you added. Pick the ideal time and your appointment will be updated. Then click “Create” and your appointment will be sent to all of the participants.


Stay on top of important projects and be more productive.

  1. Click on the Tasks tab.
  2. Click "New" to open the "Create Task" box.
  3. Fill in the Subject and the Description of the task; click on “Expand form” for additional options.
  4. You can create a “Start date” and a “Due date.” You can also set up reminders and assign participants to be notified of the task.

Did you know? With OX App Suite you can set an automatic out-of-office response by clicking on the gear at the top right of your screen and selecting “Settings.” There, on the left menu section, select “Autoresponder.” Enter the subject and the body text of your out-of-office response e-mail. Click on “Enabled” to start sending out of office replies.  Don’t forget to un-tick the “Enabled” box when you do no want to send out-of-office replies.

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