December 15, 2015

5 Reasons SEO Scares the Uninitiated


Hostway Team

simple_onlinemarketing3Search Engine Optimization: Three words that scare the pants off many online marketers and business owners. Why is SEO such a scary concept? Search Engine Optimization is daunting for many reasons.

The Perfect SEO Plan Doesn’t Exist

There is no step-by-step list provided by any of the leading search engines that tells you how to implement perfect SEO. No guide guarantees to increase your website traffic, get your webpage(s) to the top of search engine results pages, or increase your ROI. When dealing with SEO, the person responsible for implementing change understands Search Engines and their intent. This understanding requires your SEO professional to grasp not only how white-hat SEO works, but also black-hat tactics – so they can recognize those tactics and how to approach and correct them.

Getting Results Requires Patience

Good SEO takes time and is a paced process. It is not an overnight fireworks show that provides you with more leads, more visitors and more customers. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort to get a great and lasting benefit, then you will not see the success that you aim to achieve. Due to the delay in optimal results, you are forced to put a lot of trust in the person providing your SEO services.

Bad SEO Exists – and Does Damage

The not-so-knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization so-called expert is to be feared. How do you spot a bad SEO person? There are a few consistent red flags – including the word “expert” itself. While an expert may know everything about something and have no more left to learn, both the web and Google's algorithm are constantly changing. Most reputable Search Engine Optimization professionals will use the title ”specialist” instead of expert. If you come across an SEO “expert,” turn and run –you don’t need that kind of expert.

Stop Digging Your SEO Grave

If your Search Engine Optimization tactics are deemed shady or unethical, or your website is seen as attempting to manipulate the Search Engines – tricking them into giving a higher ranking without providing value and substance to viewers – you may find yourself here today, gone tomorrow. My advice for anyone who has dug themselves into a SEO grave with Google: STOP DIGGING! Reach out for help if you truly have no idea what happened. Make sure to provide as much information to your SEO professional as possible. The more they know about what led to your disappearance from search results, the better the chances that they can fix your ranking and make things good with Google.

Bad SEO Advice is Everywhere

When dealing with Search Engine Optimization, there is so much a person needs to know to utilize best practices properly to boost a company’s online presence. There is an overwhelming amount of information available to absorb. Unfortunately, a large amount of that information isn’t worth absorbing. Bad tactics and horrible advice are everywhere, ready to cause far more harm than benefit.

It can feel impossible to differentiate legitimate advice from garbage when it comes to SEO, so here’s one last set of tips:

  • Provide readers, viewers, prospects and clients with something truly beneficial on your website and/or blog.
  • Make sure your load time is up to par and won’t keep viewers waiting due to your hosting service or features on your site.
  • Make sure each page on your website is easy to navigate through and visitors can find the information that they are looking for without issue.
  • Provide calls to action and an easy-to-find phone number or means of contact.

These very basic techniques will get you going and keep you in Google’s good graces.

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