Active Server Pages

Hostway Tech Team - May 14, 2009

ASP is Microsoft’s interface for creating dynamic, interactive Web pages. An Active Server Page is an HTML Web page that contains codes written in interactive scripting languages embedded in the HTML. The Web server processes those codes, generating custom content on the Web page. The custom Web page is then returned to your browser as a regular HTML document.

ASP is Microsoft’s alternative to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI).


ASP allows you to create interactive, dynamic Web pages with features such as:

  • Interactive forms
  • Database access and data manipulation
  • Custom content
  • Responses to user data

Level of Difficulty

You can create ASPs with Microsoft’s ASP software. Because several programming languages are embedded into the HTML, ASPs requires a higher level of skill than a regular HTML Web page. In addition, ASPs must be housed on a server that supports the .asp file extension for the scripts to run. So, before you create an ASP, check with your Web host to make sure it can support your project.

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