May 14, 2009

Add an RSS Feed to Your Web Site


Hostway Team

It’s easy to add a really simple syndication (RSS) feed to your Web site. If you use a blogging service, you probably already have one, and all you need to do is paste your blog link into a program like Feedburner to begin distributing your content. But if you’re looking for an easy way to syndicate other types of Web content, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create an RSS file.

Save your code as a document with an .xml extension. Your document should include your feed’s title, headlines and content that you’d like to syndicate.

2. Upload the file to your Web site.

Feed readers won’t be able to find your feed if it’s not live on your Web site.

3. Create a Feedburner account and enter your link.

You actually have several options for managing your RSS feed. If you have a higher level of coding experience, you can program and manage it yourself. There are also services out there, such as Google’s Feedburner, which distribute your content and provide tracking for you.

4. Add links to the file on your Web site.

Place links to your feed on various pages of your Web site so your visitors can subscribe. The orange icon with the broadcasting symbol is a highly recognizable symbol of an RSS feed and should be placed next to your text link.

5. Submit your feed to RSS directories

To make it easier for people to find your feed and subscribe, you can submit it to directories such as MyYahoo. The directory will index your feed, and it will show up when people search by content for feeds.

Once you have your feed set up, choose a feed reader and sign up for it yourself. Then you can see your content as your readers do and fix any formatting issues you find. Next, you’ll want to build a subscriber base to get your message out.

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