April 20, 2010

Before You Advertise


Hostway Team

By Janet Attard

Know What Your Customer Expects

Knowing demographic information about your customer is only half of the battle. The other half is to determine how they typically learn about this product or service and what motivates them to buy.

Once you've identified likely prospects, ask them what motivates them to buy the type of product or service you sell.

Among the factors to ask about are:

  • Do paid ads influence their buying decisions?
  • If so, where would they expect to find an ad for this type of product of service? In a daily paper or a weekly shopper? In a magazine? In the Yellow Pages?
  • Do they ask friends for referrals?
  • Do they ask business associates, doctors of other professionals for referrals?
  • Do product reviews influence their decisions?
  • Do they buy this product from a catalog?
  • Do they look for discount coupons before they buy?
  • Do they look for a brand name?
  • Do they look for a convenient location to buy the product?
  • Do they need to see a demo before buying?
  • Do they buy as a result of getting an ad in the mail?
  • Do they respond to telephone solicitations?
  • Do they listen for ads about the product on radio or TV?
  • Are there specific features they look for when they buy the product?
  • What else influences them to buy the product or service?

Use the answers to these questions to help you determine where and how you should advertise.

About the Author

Janet Attard is the founder and CEO of www.BusinessKnowHow.com, a popular small business Web site that provides ideas and strategies for growing a business and making it profitable. The site attracts 3 million visitors a year, contains thousands of free articles about sales, marketing, internet marketing, business finance, ecommerce and all phases of starting and growing small and home businesses. Janet is a small and home business expert and has authored several books for business owners and startups. Visit Business Know-How and sign up for their free newsletter at www.BusinessKnowHow.com.

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