3 Tips for a Successful Cloud Migration

Let's take a look at the private cloud market, including forecasted growth and the driving factors behind it.Cloud computing has leveled the playing field. It’s given startups the opportunity to compete with the big guys, without the enormous burden historically associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. As a result, startups are able to focus scarce resources on developing innovative new offerings and addressing new markets. It’s made them incredibly nimble and efficient – providing an advantage in a hyper-competitive market.

Larger, more established businesses often have to deal with legacy IT and organizational resistance – making cloud adoption slower and more difficult. That said, IT leaders who have thoughtfully migrated applications to the cloud have driven significant improvements in resource utilization, operating costs and time to market. Cloud technology has enabled these IT shops to become much more strategic to the overall success of the business.

Regardless of industry or organization, businesses are benefitting from moving a wide variety of applications to the cloud – ranging from simple back-office processes to mission-critical apps.

So what are some things you can do to have a solid cloud migration strategy to get the most out of your cloud deployment?

Let the App Drive Platform Selection

It’s important to realize that there are many different types of clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid, On/Off-Premise, etc) – each one optimized for specific use cases.  In order to maximize the benefits of the cloud, solution design should be based on the requirements of the application.

For example, public cloud is likely the best solution for a corporate website that must support spiky traffic. Applications with certain compliance or security dependencies are often better suited to a single-tenant environment.  In other cases, the optimal solution will involve running the application across multiple cloud platforms in a hybrid configuration. It all depends on the app.

Take the time to work with your cloud provider to clearly define requirements.  Also, ask your cloud provider about their experience helping other customers with similar requirements and challenges.  Doing so will help ensure long-term success of your cloud deployment.

Give Mission Critical Apps Special Consideration

When dealing with mission-critical applications – where disruption in service can result in failure of daily business operations or long-term viability – selecting the right cloud platform (and right cloud provider) is crucial. When a mission-critical app goes down for an extended period of time, businesses go out of business.

At a minimum, mission-critical apps require a high-availability environment, redundant infrastructure, data protection, security services, application monitoring and other managed services depending on the specific app.

While a public cloud typically offers the highest levels of flexibility and scalability, a private cloud is often the best solution for mission-critical apps requiring maximum performance, availability and uptime.

Hostway and Veeam recently recorded a webinar that provides some practical considerations for maximizing availability of mission-critical apps with a private cloud solution.

Consider the Azure-Certified Hostway Virtual Private Cloud

The Hostway Private Cloud is Microsoft Azure-Certified and offers the predictable performance, control and security required for mission-critical apps. It’s also designed to be easy to use, with Windows Azure Pack (WAP) providing a familiar management plane and set of API’s – allowing for easy application isolation and VM provisioning.

From an infrastructure perspective, the Hostway Virtual Private Cloud utilizes a carefully architected pool of resources, including dedicated N+1 compute clusters and redundant storage, to help maximize platform resiliency and uptime.

Hostway understands that infrastructure is only one part of the solution. Managed services are also extremely important. Hostway’s expertise in Microsoft virtualization and broad range of Managed Services means we can handle the complexities of managing the environment while you focus on running your business.

Learn More About Cloud Hosting

To view Hostway’s webinar, “Maximizing Availability of Mission Critical Apps in the Cloud,” visit our website. And please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you would like to discuss your specific needs and how Hostway’s cloud migration services may be of service to you.

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