451 report: Hostway rolling out Microsoft Azure-centric Hybrid Cloud

Hostway Tech Team Hostway Tech Team - July 14, 2016

Senior analyst at 451 Research, Liam Eagle, who covers service providers authored this report (Download Liam Eagle’s Research Report) that previews the rollout of Hostway’s Hybrid cloud offering powered by Microsoft Azure.

451 Research

Liam writes about the beta launch of Hostway managed support on Microsoft Azure public cloud and the availability of the Hostway Virtual Private Cloud – forming the foundation of Hostway’s Hybrid Cloud. The general availability of the public cloud offering is expected in the next several months. The 451 Research overall assessment said:

“Hostway’s strategy positions it well to take advantage of both hybrid requirements and existing customer commitment to the Microsoft platform.”

Multi Cloud Environment

Incidentally, Hostway’s vision for a multi cloud environment maps closely to 451 Research’s belief that workloads have a best execution venue – an infrastructure or application environment in which it is best suited to run – that can be determined by any number of factors including price, performance, functionality, security, latency data sovereignty or others.
Hostway will work closely with customers to take advantage of the hybrid model by helping to identify the best execution venues for particular workloads or application components. That means helping our customers to design deployments that, for instance, securely share resources across Hostway’s Virtual Private Cloud and the Azure public cloud.
You can access the full 451 report, or Hostway’s webinar featuring Liam on the topic of Hybrid IT and how to select the best execution venue for your app, How to Select the Best Cloud Hosting Platform for your App.

Stay tuned for continued developments on news related to this topic and other trending cloud news, and of course if you have any questions about cloud hosting and how it can help your business run more efficiently, don’t hesitate to give us a call to speak with one of our Cloud Computing Engineers.

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