Application Monitoring: More Than Just Peace of Mind

applicationmonitoringUptime matters. Your business relies on accessibility, whether we’re talking about your shopping cart or your mission-critical data.

For these concerns – which affect so many of our customers – we now offering monitoring solutions for your applications, including a specialized package focused on e-commerce powered by Magento.

Hostway’s cutting-edge monitoring solutions provide a robust, configurable dashboard to deliver the information you need to quickly identify and fix a variety of problems, ensuring that you keep your customers happy.

For monitoring of a wide range of applications, Hostway’s Application Monitoring solution provides insight into the health of the services powering these web programs, reporting on both web servers (IIS and Apache) and databases (SQL Server and MySQL).

  • Alerts for IIS/Apache
  • Supports MS SQL/MySQL
  • Multiple Programming languages
  • Monitoring of Custom URLs
  • Email notification for alerts

For e-commerce-specific situations, our specialized E-Commerce Monitoring offering allows an additional layer of insight on the functions of your Magento shopping cart. Provide the best possible user experience without sacrificing performance.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Monitoring for Custom URLs
  • Email notification for alerts

With one of our monitoring solutions in place, you’ll get faster root-cause analysis of any issues affecting your site. You’ll be able to quickly diagnose and remedy problems, minimizing downtime and its consequences. This will keep your website at peak performance, yielding greater customer retention and more repeat visitors. And you’ll keep your internal IT technicians doing exactly what they are best at without adding another task to their plates.

If all that sounds as great as we think it does, get more information from our website.

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