Avidian Hosts Mission-critical Software on Hostway’s Hybrid Cloud Platform

Today Hostway announced that Avidian Technologies, a CRM software provider, has selected us to host their mission-critical SaaS application. Avidian provides one of the top CRM software tools on the market. They empower their clients by managing detailed information of current and potential customers – from email addresses to favorite restaurants to future buying potential, providing the critical functionality to maintain and grow a business.

Hostway’s hybrid cloud ensures compliant, secure, and scalable hosting solutions for Avidian. “We never have to worry about an issue or a disaster due to the robust failover solution and database backups they offer,” said Doru Rotovei, Avidian’s VP of software development. “Additionally, working with Hostway lowers the total cost of ownership of our infrastructure and increases operational efficiency.”

Learn more about this custom solution in the Press Release.

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