Election Results Are In: BBQ Bests Beer in Historic Race

Brittany Wilson Brittany Wilson - Copywriter November 08, 2016

In what has been an unprecedented and unclear voting season, one thing emerged a clear winner: good ol’ fashioned Texas BBQ ribs.

We recently sent out a simple question to some 30,000 IT decision makers: in exchange for 30 minutes of your time, which would you like in return as a thank you: BBQ or beer?

BBQ won handily, 71% to 29% over beer.

The best thing about this survey is that, unlike some political elections, both choices – BBQ, beer – are great. Another good thing? Everyone casting a vote here wins! In addition to learning about how Hostway can help with IT infrastructure needs, participants also get free BBQ. Or beer. And even better? This election is still not over. Here’s how you can get in on the action.

Click here to sign up to quickly chat with one of our IT experts. Then, cast your vote for BBQ or beer, on us >>>

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