Top 5 Tips for Launching a Social Marketing Presence

    There are certain social marketing best practices that should be observed in order to spur success, especially when brands are first starting out.

    Eight Key Website Metrics You Should Track

    Hostway partner CurveCommerce is an eCommerce Online Marketing and Strategic Consulting Company focused on developing powerful Magento websites with superior selling techniques and consolidated email services. CurveCommerce Chief Marketing Officer Tom Ziter is sharing some of that expertise in a three-part blog series beginning today. Various analytics packages, including Google Analytics, give you the opportunity

    Best-Kept Secrets for Driving Website Traffic

    To go above and beyond baseline best practices for driving website traffic, it’s important to get a little creative.

    5 Reasons SEO Scares the Uninitiated

    Search Engine Optimization: Three words that scare the pants off many online marketers and business owners. Why is SEO such a scary concept? Search Engine Optimization is daunting for many reasons. The Perfect SEO Plan Doesn’t Exist There is no step-by-step list provided by any of the leading search engines that tells you how to

    Optimize Your Online Store, and Gain a Competitive Edge

    Your business can gain a competitive edge in its marketplace by making the most out of its e-commerce setup.

    Build a Site from Scratch: Establishing an Online Presence

    We created a checklist of the essential items you need to build a website and establish an online presence. 

    Online Presence: How to Boost Your Brand

    If your brand doesn’t have an optimized online presence that makes it easy for customers to find the business, you could be losing out on a wealth of opportunities and revenue.

    Is Your Brand Hitting the Mark?

    Compare your business with today’s industry benchmarks to gauge where your brand stands in the market.

    How To Support Emerging Consumer Habits

    This year will bring considerable growth for the retail sector, particularly as brands work harder to offer a customized shopping experience based on consumers’ preferences.

    Can a YouTube Video Help Your Google Ranking?

    Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide inexpensive, effective marketing for products and services. One of the primary reasons businesses market through these channels is to gain higher page rankings for their websites. A higher ranking means the business site will appear higher in search engine results — increasing awareness of their products and services. Are Google