If the Page Doesn’t Load, They Can’t Shop: Part 2

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER December 13, 2016

    We recently discussed how eCommerce retailers have no choice but to optimize page load times if they want to make sure customers don’t give up and leave before completing a purchase. Part one covered the issues you might find on the back end of your website that are slowing down page load times and some

    If the Page Doesn’t Load, They Can’t Shop: Part 1

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER December 13, 2016

    As a retailer, you’re probably very busy preparing for the holiday shopping season. There’s no shortage of articles and blogs right now with helpful tips, and as they all probably say, you have to prioritize site performance. Let’s face it, if the page doesn’t load, the shopper can’t shop and they certainly can’t buy. So

    Social Media and Ecommerce

    Hostway Marketing, December 01, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck Social media platforms and ecommerce go together like cookies and milk.

    DIY Product Images: Lighting

    Hostway Marketing, August 26, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck Photographing products for your ecommerce site yourself saves money and gives you the most control over the outcome.

    Integrating Video into Ecommerce Sites

    Hostway Marketing, August 25, 2010

    By Joanna Fletcher The popularity of using video on ecommerce sites has increased dramatically.

    Setting up Online Payments for Services

    Hostway Marketing, June 01, 2010

    By Simon Wright The days when Web sites just acted as glorified online brochures are well and truly over. These days, if you aspire to being a successful business, you require a mechanism to take orders and receive payments via your Web site.

    How to Get a TRUSTe Certificate

    Hostway Marketing, May 07, 2010

    By Melissa J Luther For Internet users, trusting a Web site plays a big role in decisions about visiting or purchasing on the site. One thing that boosts trust in a site is the presence of a third party trust symbol. TRUSTe is one of the leading companies providing trust seals.

    Ecommerce: Beginner's Guide to Shipping

    Hostway Marketing, May 07, 2010

    By Monique Martin If you’ve just set up your first ecommerce store, you’re probably chomping at the bit for the orders to start rolling in. But, if they do, are you ready? Shipping is one of the most important aspects of any ecommerce Web site. Making sure your product is shipped quickly, securely and for

    Trust Symbols and Shopping Carts

    Hostway Marketing, May 07, 2010

    By Melissa J Luther Consumers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping, but are also still concerned with online security, and they have no problem aborting the buying process if they feel their personal information may be at risk. A recent poll of online shoppers by the National Cyber security Alliance (NCSA) found that when

    Introduction to osCommerce

    Hostway Marketing, May 07, 2010

    By Gail Seymour If you are considering adding a shopping cart to your Web site but want to keep costs to a minimum, you might be considering using osCommerce. Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons to help you decide if osCommerce is for you: