Time-based Banner Ads Part 2

    Hostway Marketing, September 03, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck You have decided to try time-based banner ads.

    Time-based Banner Ads Part 1

    Hostway Marketing, September 02, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck Businesses of all sizes use Internet online advertising in the form of banner ads to promote their goods and services.

    In-Text Ads

    Hostway Marketing, May 24, 2010

    By Winmark Business Solutions The prevalence of display banners and text ads has made all but the most annoying online ads nearly transparent to online users. To stand out from the crowd, some marketers are turning to a simple, relevant and transparent advertising format: the text link.

    Three Simple Tricks to Optimize Your Pay per Click Advertising Efforts

    Hostway Marketing, May 19, 2010

    By David Hurley While it is important to get your pay per click (PPC) ad seen and even more important to get visitors to click on your ad, those aims pale in comparison with your conversion rate. There are simple tricks that can be used to optimize your pay per click advertising efforts, but they

    Display Ads

    Hostway Marketing, May 17, 2010

    By Winmark Business Solutions Display ads were once the most popular form of advertising on the Internet. In recent years, however, text ads, driven by search engine marketing, have become more popular. The effectiveness of banner ads relies on volume because click-thru rates are very low, averaging 0.5 percent. This means for each thousand display

    Will Apple’s iAd Change the Mobile Advertising Landscape?

    Hostway Marketing, May 13, 2010

    By Melissa J Luther In early April 2010, Apple announced its newest “product,” the iAd. As with everything Apple, speculation ran rampant for weeks before the unveiling. What would it be? How would it work? Would it finally knock Google out of its dominant position in online advertising? Unfortunately, the details are still sketchy and,

    Text Ads

    Hostway Marketing, May 10, 2010

    By Winmark Business Solutions Text ads are the most popular format for Internet advertising. They are easy-to-create, offer good click-thru rates and contribute to your company’s unaided brand awareness. Although less immediate than click-thrus, unaided brand awareness is important to marketers because it contributes to future sales when Web surfers remember their ads.

    Online Advertising

    Hostway Marketing, May 06, 2010

    By Winmark Business Solutions Online advertising is the closest thing on the Internet to traditional advertising. It differs from search engine marketing (SEM) by the way it targets prospects. SEM targets prospects based on keywords. By contrast, online advertising targets prospects by behavior and demographics.

    Ad Networks

    Hostway Marketing, April 29, 2010

    By Winmark Business Solutions Since there are millions of Web sites available for online advertising, one of the most convenient and efficient ways to purchase ads is to use an ad network, which sells advertising on behalf of hundreds or thousands of participating Web sites.

    Before You Advertise

    Hostway Marketing, April 20, 2010

    By Janet Attard Related Products Pay Per Click Advertising Drive targeted traffic to your Web site with a fully managed pay per click campaign from Hostway. Know What Your Customer Expects Knowing demographic information about your customer is only half of the battle. The other half is to determine how they typically learn about this