Your Holiday Season Website Security Guide

    Ecommerce stores are gearing up for their busiest time of year–the holidays. So, what can online retailers do to better safeguard their platforms and their customers’ information? There are a few essential steps businesses can take right now to better enable security during the holiday shopping season.

    Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates- Making the Internet Safer

    Up until now, SSL certificates – the key to turning your HTTP website into a secure HTTPS URL – were a small tax one would have to pay to secure their website and customer data. That is, until Let’s Encrypt entered the fray, and began offering free SSL certificates. How SSL Certificates Work and Why

    How Security-as-a-Service Can Boost Your Business

    Data protection is an uphill battle, but security-as-a-service solutions can help. 

    Update: 191 Million US Voter Records Accessible Via Unsecured Database

    If you’ve voted in a national American election since 2000, your name, street address, phone number, date of birth and more may be found in an unsecured, 300 GB database brought to public attention by Austin-based IT specialist Chris Vickery. Vickery, who in September drew attention to a leak of 1.5 million medical records, reported the database

    Why Compliance Matters: Aligning with Industry Requirements

    Compliance across an organization is an essential process that extends to the technology services used throughout the group.

    Protect Your Business Assets with Managed Security

    Your organization can guard its assets better with a managed security service provider by its side.

    Magento Security Patch Alert

    Our allies at Magento have issued the following advisory for our Magento Merchant customers: Today, Magento has released a new security patch (SUPEE-6788) and Community Edition to address over 10 issues identified through our comprehensive security program, including remote code execution and information leak vulnerabilities. This patch is unrelated to the recent Guruincsite malware

    Email Compliance in Healthcare: Conforming to HIPAA

    How does HIPAA legislation apply to email, and how can healthcare providers ensure they are compliant?

    Time for an Upgrade? Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Gains Traction

    With disaster recovery and business continuity, businesses must shake the idea of a set-it-and-forget-it model. In order to fully protect a company and its essential technologies, these plans must be continually re-examined and updated.

    5 Best Kept Secrets of Disaster Recovery

    Over the past few years, experts and businesses alike have discovered a few best kept secrets that can considerably bolster any disaster recovery plan.