Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates- Making the Internet Safer

    kai.armstrong, PRODUCT MANAGERAugust 30, 2016

    Up until now, SSL certificates – the key to turning your HTTP website into a secure HTTPS URL – were a small tax one would have to pay to secure their website and customer data. That is, until Let’s Encrypt entered the fray, and began offering free SSL certificates. How SSL Certificates Work and Why

    Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update a Week Away

    Nikole Haiar, April 14, 2015

    The search shift from mostly desktop to mainly mobile is under way. Now, Google is adding fuel to the fire – and putting additional pressure on marketers – with two algorithm updates that mean significant SEO changes for mobile: 1. A mobile-friendly ranking signal 2. Easier access to mobile apps in search results The search engine made

    How Service Providers Maintain Your Hardware

    Nikole Haiar, March 17, 2015

    One of the main benefits touted by many managed service providers is that their clients need not worry about maintaining their own hardware. Have you ever wondered what best practices go into hardware maintenance on the service provider’s side?

    The Danger of Deleting Viruses

    Nikole Haiar, March 03, 2015

    Many computer users are surprised to discover that, when your antivirus program eliminates virus threats from your computer, it does not actually remove the virus. Instead, it puts them into quarantine —still on your computer. Because of the connotations of the word “virus,” this may lead you to wonder if you should trust your antivirus

    Save Money with Tech Tax Incentives

    Nikole Haiar, February 24, 2015

    When it comes time to file taxes, the best refunds and write-offs often come from surprising places. Case in point: your company’s technology.

    Mobile Apps Win Out: Mobile-Optimizing Your Website

    Nikole Haiar, February 05, 2015

    In this second half of our Mobile Apps Win Out series, we’ll examine the best ways for brands to ensure their websites are optimized for a mobile audience. 

    Mobile Apps Win Out: Top Testing Considerations

    Nikole Haiar, February 03, 2015

    The performance and functionality of any mobile application is key, making testing an indispensable part of the development process. 

    Remote Desktop Services: What Is It and Who Should Implement It?

    Nikole Haiar, January 06, 2015

    Depending on your business’s needs, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) can help your employees work more effectively and productively than the system or strategy you currently have in place. If you’re considering investing in RDS to enhance your workforce, spend a little time learning the ins and outs of RDS usage by perusing our brief primer

    Tips and Best Practices for Designing Mobile-Optimized Sites

    Nikole Haiar, December 23, 2014

    Website creators can help guarantee that their mobile initiative is not only successful, but geared especially for mobile users by considering the following design tips and strategies.

    Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: How Will You Pay for the Holidays?

    Nikole Haiar, November 25, 2014

    Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet could provide a secure payment alternative for holiday shoppers this season.