Hostway Continues Expansion: New Data Center and 2 New Offices

    Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterOctober 12, 2017

    HOSTWAY CONTINUES EXPANSION WITH NEW DATA CENTER IN AUSTIN, NEW OFFICES IN CHICAGO AND SAN ANTONIO Today Hostway announced to Austin, San Antonio, and Chicago communities, their continued commitment to growth. With the move of two major offices in San Antonio and Chicago and the development of a state-of-the-art data Center in Austin, we’re hiring

    Customer Spotlight: Avidian’s Mission-Critical CRM Software Runs on Hostway’s Trusted Cloud

    Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterSeptember 18, 2017

    Managing customer relationships is core to the mission of practically every single organization in existence. Having knowledge of current and potential customers—from their email addresses to their favorite restaurants to their future buying potential—is absolutely critical to maintaining and growing a business. Avidian Technologies, a Hostway customer for over a decade, provides one of the

    It’s Not All About The Cloud, Says Hostway CEO

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER December 12, 2016

    Emil Sayegh, our CEO, spoke at the NexGen Cloud Conference and Expo telling the audience, “It’s not all about cloud.” That’s a catchy quote, for sure, but there is a whole lot more meaning behind it, which is based on our experience working with customers. Emil was also quoted as saying, “I cannot describe to

    Thanksgiving Reflections – A Message from Hostway’s President & CEO Emil Sayegh

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER November 22, 2016

    As we think about what we are thankful for during this month that is best known for turkey and tradition, I can’t help but be so grateful for Hostway’s customers and employees. In this time of gratitude, we give thanks first to our customers, who have put their trust in us. We value your patronage

    Election Results Are In: BBQ Bests Beer in Historic Race

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER November 08, 2016

    In what has been an unprecedented and unclear voting season, one thing emerged a clear winner: good ol’ fashioned Texas BBQ ribs. We recently sent out a simple question to some 30,000 IT decision makers: in exchange for 30 minutes of your time, which would you like in return as a thank you: BBQ or

    5 Benefits of Managed Support

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER November 08, 2016

    IT organizations often leverage Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to maximize return on scarce resources – doing more with less. In the case of cloud hosting, by outsourcing activities ranging from day-to-day infrastructure support to cloud migrations and application-level support, organizations effectively have a dedicated team of IT professionals looking out for their best interest at

    Dip a Toe in the Cloud: How to Address the Challenges of a Cloud-First Strategy

    Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER November 07, 2016

    Cloud technology has been widely available for several years now, and there’s no arguing the benefits of these environments. As the cloud continues to bring considerable advantages for everyone from employee users to a company’s IT team, it’s no surprise that business leaders are increasingly implementing a cloud-first strategy within their organization. Defining Cloud-First But

    Merry Christmas

    Nikole Haiar, December 24, 2015

    Hostway would like to wish all of our readers and customers a happy festive season.

    5 Cardinal Sins of Disaster Recovery Planning

    Nikole Haiar, December 03, 2015

    What are the top mistakes businesses make with their DR planning, and how can enterprises avoid these issues?

    Happy New Year

    Nikole Haiar, January 01, 2015

    Best wishes to all our readers and customers for a prosperous 2015!