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CCAlogoIn the highly competitive climate faced by telecommunications and cable services companies, offering hosting services is a leading tactic to retain current clients and draw in new ones. However, setting yourself apart from the crowd with an expanded portfolio of desirable services only works if those services are done right. There’s no need to try to reinvent the wheel yourself – find an existing expert in hosting to enlist as your partner.

Come to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 7-9 for the CCA Convention, and join mobile industry leaders to meet and network with carrier companies.

CCA events bring the decision-makers in the competitive mobile ecosystem – carriers, technology experts, network builders, consultants, media, analysts, and industry influencers – together for networking, learning and sharing best practices. Attendees have the opportunity to hear from and speak with the thought-leaders, tech experts and executives who are driving the mobile industry forward.

Investing in white-label hosting services offers great potential for quick revenue with minimal up-front costs, but no two partners are alike. Finding an ally that offers everything you need is the most important element of embarking on your white-labeling journey. Those needs extend beyond service offerings to a wide range of types of support for your business.

When it comes to selecting a partner, not all hosting providers are the same – some are simply better equipped to support cable providers and telcos and their customers. But how can you tell these ideal partners apart from the rest?

There are several key characteristics and capabilities to look for, including:

  • A robust service portfolio: Because the cable company or telco will be in essence providing the services of this partner to their customers, the hosting vendor must have a robust service portfolio to ensure clients’ needs are met. Since your end users will see these as your own service offerings, a telco or cableco is best served when they find a white-label provider with a diverse portfolio of services to address a wide variety of customer needs. This can include the popular hosting services being used today, such as website, email, domain name registration, and cloud hosting along with online marketing tools to help your customers grow their business.
  • The full white-label experience: The most immediate concern for cablecos and telcos is making sure that the solution looks to be theirs in every way apparent to end users, thus maintaining a tight connection with the brand. Branding should be quick and easy – your hosting partner should provide fully integrated and ready-made solutions that you can put your logo on and roll out. The portfolio of solutions offered to end users should be entirely integrated within their cableco or telco interface.
  • Onboarding support: Changes like this don’t happen overnight. It’s critical to have a partner that will help you with the initial roll-out of these services, and that will set the business up for future success. Your hosting partner should offer a dedicated account manager, as well as an entire team, who are there to stand by the business’s side throughout the relationship. The dedicated account manager represents the main contact for the cableco or telco, who can offer assistance at any time.
  • Training for the team: In addition to onboarding support, it’s also essential that the hosting partner offers training to provider’s internal sales, account management, support, customer service and marketing teams. This will ensure they are fully versed in the new technology and its capabilities and can pass this knowledge onto customers and prospects. Sales enablement tools should also be offered, and can include in-person training, cheat sheets, battlecards, call scripts, email templates and product resource materials.
  • White label sales: For some cablecos or telcos, a better option might be to enable customers to call the hosting partner’s sales team directly or have these agents do the outbound calling to their customers. A white label sales team will allow customers to gain access to the expertise they need, while still maintaining a connection with the cable or telecom provider’s brand.
  • Technical support: An ideal hosting partner will also offer technical support for the vendor and their customers, which can come at different levels. Tier 1 support, for example, is the base level and includes assistance for password changes and other simple processes. Tier 2 is more in-depth – agents are skilled in troubleshooting and can diagnose and resolve an issue on your behalf. Having a white label team is also imperative here, as it maintains the relationship the client has with their telco or cable company without passing them off to another business. While the hosting partner should be able to offer all three levels of support, the cableco or telco has a choice as to what level they would like to provide – the business can provide all levels of technical assistance, or none at all, it’s completely up to the company.
  • Marketing support: The hosting partner should also be able to offer all the brandable marketing materials the company will need to launch, go-to-market and grow its customer base. This should include all website materials, white-labeled product sheets, brochures and content, go-to-market campaigns, continuous marketing support, and outbound marketing campaign creation, including email marketing, direct mail and webinars.

When all of these elements are in place, the vendor can enjoy a prosperous, profitable partnership that will not only benefit their organization, but their customers as well.

Hostway, an industry-leading hosting provider, can provide for all of these needs and more.

In addition to initial on-boarding support, Hostway helps encourage conversions and supports the vendor throughout the partnership. Hostway also has a team of experts that can meet in person with the cable company’s or telco’s sales, support and marketing teams to ensure they have all the tools they need to successfully market and sell the service. And, because we understand how important the connection between your business and your customers is, we have white label technical support, as well as sales and marketing teams to keep this relationship strong.

Hostway has been a leader in the hosting industry for a number of years now, and we utilize this favorable market position to help support your company. Our proven longevity and expertise set us apart, and make all the difference when it comes to a hosting partnership.

Currently, we offer more than 40 products and solutions across four different service areas, including cloud hosting, managed hosting, domain and website hosting as well as email and applications. We utilize our network of four data centers to support these services, including our top-tier facilities in Austin, Chicago, Tampa and Vancouver. All of our facilities features advanced security as well as networking and administrative support.

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