Predictions for 2017 – Hostway|HOSTING CEO Emil Sayegh Looks at the Year Ahead

Brittany Wilson Brittany Wilson - Copywriter December 22, 2016

I believe that 2017 is a “lock and load” year for the Cloud industry, as we collectively write the next chapter of the story. We are still in very early days despite all the hype. As we have seen in the tech industry in the last few decades, one dominant player is quick to fall and stumble. Yes, AWS, Rackspace and others may be dominant today in some markets, but they will certainly face challenges in the years ahead, opening opportunities for fresh new players with a disruptive approach.

My predictions for the year ahead appear in this article on, “Cloud Market Changes Favor the Prepared.” Have a great and prosperous 2017! I welcome your comments and feedback.


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