Cloud Migrations: Mitigate Your Failure Risk

Director of Hostway|HOSTING Product Management, Eric Brinkman, recently wrote an article for EnterpriseTech about how to plan a successful cloud migration.

He notes that it starts with a full understanding of the kinds of workloads that will move from your on-premise infrastructure and into the cloud and the different implications for each.

He also provides an overview of the workload migration planning process, which includes:

  • Discovery and providing an overall view of the IT assets that will be migrated
  • Workload analysis to determine technical requirements
  • Mapping and risk mitigation to identify security issues, such as those related to data privacy and compliance
  • Planning and execution

The article goes on to describe each of those in more detail. Have a look at the full article, or dive right in to learn more about how Hostway|HOSTING can help you with cloud migration services by going here.

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