Email Marketing Checklist

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By Hostway

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales. The Direct Marketing Association predicts that email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) will clock in at $43.52 for every $1 spent in 2009. With numbers like that, who wouldn’t use this low-cost, high-return marketing channel?

Here’s a checklist to help you start and manage your email marketing campaigns:

Create Your List

  • Collect email addresses by asking for them online or collecting them manually offline.
  • Confirm each registration by sending an email soon after the address is received.
  • Display your privacy policy and assurances that you won’t share information with any third parties.
  • Remove all duplicate entries from your list.

Devise a Campaign and Prepare Your Web Site

  • Determine which product or sale you will promote.
  • Evaluate your Web site. Is it ready for the promotion?
  • Create a specific landing page for the promotion or product you’re highlighting in your campaign.

Write and Design Your Email

  • Make sure your headline stands out and clearly communicates your primary message. If you’re offering a sale, that should be the headline. If you launched a new product, that’s your headline.
  • Write the body of the email like a letter and focus on the customer’s needs, not your company.
  • Keep the offer and call to action above the fold. Many people won’t scroll down.
  • Include a strong call to action. Ask your prospects for the sale.
  • Use a bold design that immediately grabs people’s attention.
  • Insert tracking code to measure the success of your email campaign.
  • Comply with the CAN SPAM Act—include your address and an unsubscribe link.

Prepare to Send

  • Write a subject line that commands attention and communicates your primary message.
  • Avoid “spammy” words in the subject line. A few of the worst offenders are “free,” “$$$,” “guarantee, “affordable,” “cheap, ” and “apply now.”
  • Make sure the email address you’re sending from is a company email address.
  • Look over your list one last time to make sure all subscribers who’ve opted out in the past have been removed and all new subscribers have been added.
  • Send a test email to as many different email clients as possible. Make sure your email displays properly in all the most popular clients.
  • Test all the links in your email to make sure they’re working correctly.
  • Follow the entire path you’re sending customers down to make sure everything is working correctly.

Now you’re ready to deploy your email marketing campaign!