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On July 19, 2017, Enterprise Cloud News shed light on a topic all too familiar to those in the healthcare industry dealing with the digitization of, well, everything. Scott Ferguson, Co Editor, spoke with Hostway|HOSTING’s CEO Emil Sayegh, Director, Security, Peter Marsh, and the director of infrastructure and security at Ecteon, a Hostway|HOSTING customer, about healthcare’s digital revolution. According to the article, 87% of doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other providers in the U.S. are actively digitizing everything from patient information, data collection, billing, to insurance. At the same time, emerging IoT technology has enabled massive volumes of patient information such as heart rate and blood pressure to be collected through wearable devices, stored in the cloud, and analyzed by healthcare providers.

The Future is Today
CEO Emil Sayegh explains the importance of the digital transformation in the healthcare space. “Ten years ago, your CT scans were on slides and now it’s all digital.” Those files need to be protected now that they’re in the cloud, and Sayegh maintains that “the healthcare industry…doesn’t have the expertise in-house to handle the security and compliance issues that comes with modern IT.” Building a secure infrastructure and operating a cloud hosting solution with a company like Hostway|HOSTING enables organizations to be a part of the future. Read on to learn more about why cloud adoption is essential for the healthcare industry.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Digitizing Healthcare Information is the Future

  1. Electronic health records (EHR) allow medical institutions a complete overview of a patient. This creates more thorough and efficient care to patients by pulling data from different systems they didn’t have access to before.
  2. The cloud is a repository that gathers, aggregates, and analyzes data, creating significant insights into the larger population.
  3. Gain transparency into healthcare providers who have been placed on the “Wall of Shame” by the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR) because of past or pending investigations into patient record breaches.
  4. The cloud makes compliance easier, especially when a managed cloud hosting company like Hostway|HOSTING offers a BAA-backed, HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. This leaves patients and providers with peace of mind.
  5. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and medical devices, such as wearables and monitors, are safer to share data between patient and provider on a compliant cloud—this technology is only growing.

As noted in the article by Ecteon, “there is a fine line between healthcare, SaaS, and cloud hosting,” and Hostway|HOSTING is proud to be a leader in cloud security, compliance, and the future of digitizing healthcare. “There’s a growing acceptance of the cloud option,” says Marsh, “it is being seen as a positive.” Read the full article, “Healthcare Faces the Promise & Perils of the Cloud” on the Enterprise Cloud News website for more information.
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