The Future is Multi-Cloud – and Custom Fit

This Network World article, “The future isn’t cloud, it’s multi-cloud,” caught my eye – mostly because we agree completely. It cites a recent study by Microsoft and 451 Research showing that nearly one-third of organizations work with four or more cloud vendors.

The top reason is that enterprises are “using multiple cloud providers to support different applications and workloads [to] use the solution best suited to their needs.” That is precisely why Hostway|HOSTING offers customers a choice of your cloud, your way: public, private or hybrid cloud hosting.

As the article says, “Settling on a single cloud model would create compromises for an organization that would ultimately dilute its benefits and the business use case.”

In addition to multi-cloud, we believe the next generation of cloud computing needs to be much more adaptable to the user’s specific needs to meet performance requirements and special application needs, as well as high-level security for compliance in many cases. This next generation of cloud computing is custom fit for your needs. Have a look here to choose a cloud hosting platform to fit your unique needs.

Oh, and by the way, you can use Hostway|HOSTING for multi-cloud workloads, which gives you economies of scale from a cost perspective, plus one-stop shopping when it comes to support – versus the hassle of having to deal with multiple providers. Just sayin’.


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