Hostway|HOSTING Launches New All-Flash Storage Options for Private Cloud

As we’ve collected feedback about our virtual private cloud platform over the past few months, one theme kept appearing—a desire for high-performance, all-SSD premium storage options. Based on this feedback, our product management team worked hand in hand with our cloud operations, architecture and development teams to evaluate and analyze best-in-class technologies that would not only provide blazing fast storage, but integrate seamlessly into the Hostway|HOSTING Virtual Private Cloud powered by Microsoft’s Windows Azure Pack.

Today, I’m happy to announce we have partnered with SolidFire to provide premium storage options for Hostway|HOSTING’s Virtual Private Cloud. These new storage options are available with as little as a 1TB purchase size and provide up to 25X the performance of the standard private cloud storage. Additionally, premium storage comes standard with 256-bit data at rest encryption, allowing for peace of mind about data privacy. These options mean a whole new set of workloads can run on VPC in a secure fashion with compute nodes that are 100% dedicated to the tenant. Examples of these workloads include high-performance, transactional databases like SQL, MySQL and MongoDB, high-speed I/O applications, and customers who wish to achieve PCI or HIPAA compliancy.

Learn more about the Hostway|HOSTING  Virtual Private Cloud here, or if you have any questions or feedback, please drop me a note at I’d love to hear from you.

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