Security and Availability: The Hallmarks of a Trusted Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Clouds Demand Enhanced Security and Availability,” a blog written by longtime and well-respected industry analyst, Jean Bozman, Vice President with Hurwitz & Associates, recently caught our eye.

Bozman points to security and availability as top-of-mind IT concerns about enterprise clouds.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – security and availability are not going away just because we’re in the age of cloud computing,” said Bozman. “Rather, customers must evaluate their on-premises requirements for both security and availability – and they must take steps to match those levels throughout the hybrid cloud, working together with their cloud service providers (CSPs).”

Take a look at the article. It digs more deeply into the security aspects of not only data access, but constant availability of your applications – and how all of this applies to hybrid cloud implementations.

We couldn’t agree more with Bozman, and if this sounds like a concern your IT organization has been dealing with, take a look at Hostway|HOSTING’s security plan here >>>

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