SEO Checklist

Hostway Marketing - May 14, 2009

There are many different parts to an SEO strategy for your Web site. This checklist will help you track your efforts and make sure you don’t miss any important elements.

Meta Tags

  • Include keywords in your meta tags.
  • Make sure the keywords in your meta tags match the content on your Web site.


  • Narrow your target audience.
  • Provide valuable, unique content.
  • Identify your keywords.
  • Use keywords often in your Web site content.
  • Do not separate your keywords with commas.
  • Include keywords in your titles and headings.
  • Include alt tags with keywords on your graphics.


  • Identify Web sites to link to yours.
  • Check the PageRank to determine quality.
  • Contact the high-quality Web sites and request a link.
  • Apply for Web site awards.

Web Directories

  • Submit your site to the Yahoo Directory.
  • Submit your site to the Open Directory.