SXSW Recap: Just as Innovative as the Hybrid Cloud

TrustedCloudHH.jpgWhat do Mark Cuban, Willie Nelson, and a representative from the Vatican all have in common? They were all just at the 2017 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas and they’re a group just about as diverse as the hybrid cloud. Each year, SXSW becomes the center of the art, music, and technology worlds. It’s an event where many innovations are first introduced to the public, and this year we announced our new trusted cloud mission during an event at J. Black’s on historic 6th Street.

“We were excited to share great food, drinks, and conversations with our customers, partners, and future customers during the festival,” said Hostway|HOSTING Marketing VP, Jamey Heinze. “We found people to be extremely interested in our story, to the extent that SXSW attendees who hadn’t heard of Hostway|HOSTING approached us asking, “what is the trusted cloud?” After learning about our unique combination of trusted relationships, expertise, and infrastructure, some even signed up to join our party right then and there!”

In addition, many attendees were excited to get our perspective on the recent AWS outage after learning about our cloud hosting expertise. Can you imagine if that outage had happened during this massive technologically focused conference?

SXSW is truly about showcasing rising stars, whether they’re musicians, inventors, artists, engineers, or educators. But what piques our interest the most are the various technology demonstrations found throughout the festival. Robotics, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are sure attention-getters. The 24-hour hackathon, museums of the future, the rise of social commerce… and there were a number of other attractions and keynotes that generated headlines, as well. Here are some of our favorites:

Healthcare, SaaS Innovations

A major topic at the festival highlighted evolutions in healthcare. At every turn, it seems this landscape is destined to be transformed by technology. Software as a service (SaaS) offerings, mobile delivery systems, artificial intelligence, convergence, big data, and analytics have taken center stage in places like clinics, on smartphones, in apps, in patient homes, in hospitals, in the operating room, and at your local doctor’s office. It is clear that a new generation of doctors will emerge in the years to come, prepared with the tools that are making their way to the market today.

Many of those tools have technological commonalities: specialized platforms, big computing needs, lots of storage, and speed. When you break down the technical requirements of SaaS applications, robust networking, data utilization, multi-level computing, rapid deployment, consistent experiences, and fast data transfer, it’s pretty clear that these are all the stuff of cloud. Not just any cloud, we are talking about hybrid cloud configurations.

The Hybrid Answer

Hybrid clouds fill in the gaps where compute profiles, utilization, and data profiles are all over the place. In one fell swoop, you can see why a monolithic public cloud solution just cannot cut it. The recent, massive AWS outage illustrated why a dependence on one public cloud can be a recipe for disaster. Hybrid infrastructures are resilient and reliable. Hybrid offers on-premise, high-speed systems, ready-to-deploy resources, and a platform with extreme efficiency across the board. It’s a place where cloud meets performance, high-powered and redundant networking is ready to go, and flexibility is built into the DNA of applications and infrastructure. The future is here, the future is hybrid, and you can see evidence of this in all of the latest developments that came out of SXSW.

Who’s Hybrid Counts

Just as important as hybrid cloud scenarios, you’ve got to have a hosting partner that has the experience and the solutions needed to support these emerging technologies and trends. That means designing the right infrastructure, having the right options to incorporate your next-generation application, with everything tuned for optimal application delivery. Great support is critical because there are always going to be times where you want to track, test, and improve. It’s not just about downtime. A great hosting partner works with you, and that’s what Hostway|HOSTING is all about.

Once you get past all the technology glitz and flash at a major event like SXSW, what emerges behind the scenes is a story of hosting and cloud-based systems. None of this can happen without a cloud, none of the latest without a hybrid cloud, and even less can happen without solid teams and technology behind the scenes.

There’s never been a more active cloud and infrastructure scene than there is today, it just may not read that way at first glance. The cloud we all build on today is the foundation of the future.

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