Small and Medium Businesses in the Cloud

    Hostway Marketing, July 14, 2011

    Although the term “cloud” is seeing increasing use, it’s necessary to clarify what portion of “the cloud” is of interest to a particular audience. For small and medium businesses (SMBs), there are generally two areas of relevance in the evolution of IT services to the cloud. The first is the application layer, commonly referred to

    Google Partners with the SBA to Help Small Businesses

    Hostway Marketing, August 18, 2010

    By Melissa J Luther Google has an impressive array of free and low-cost tools to help businesses, especially small businesses, manage and grow their online presence.

    Lifecycle Marketing Series Part 5: Why It Works for Small Businesses

    Hostway Marketing, August 13, 2010

    By Buffy Cranford When reviewing other marketing techniques, such as Batch and Blast, lifecycle marketing delivers exceptional results in the current, tech-savvy marketplace.

    Lifecycle Marketing Series Part 4: Measuring Success

    Hostway Marketing, August 12, 2010

    By Buffy Cranford Measuring the success or failure of a product’s lifecycle marketing program is more involved than running a few reports and glancing at revenue.

    Top Networking Sites for Women Business Owners

    Hostway Marketing, June 07, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck According to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the

    Integrate Earthview into Your Site

    Hostway Marketing, June 04, 2010

    By Melissa Luther Google Earth is a popular desktop application that allows users to see the Earth in amazing, 3D detail. Users can fly to their chosen location, then zoom, pan and tilt to view it from all angles. Now some of those same features are available in Maps, via Earth view.

    Do I Need a Dedicated SSL Certificate?

    Hostway Marketing, June 03, 2010

    By Jen Brister When you have a small business, it is essential to have a Web site that your customers can consult for new items, prices, business information and more. One of the best ways to monetize your business Web site is to create a retail store that your customers can use to make online

    Motivating Customers to Write a Review

    Hostway Marketing, June 02, 2010

    By Buffy Cranford Whether consumers are purchasing new computer equipment, making dinner reservations for clients, or seeking a new public relations firm, a high percentage take a few minutes and browse online reviews before making a final decision. The power of the online reviewer has increased dramatically with online review Web sites like Yelp, Metromix

    Run Your Entire Business with Free Portable Applications

    Hostway Marketing, June 02, 2010

    By Brad Egeland Ok, so maybe you can’t run your entire small business with free portable applications, but I bet you can come close. In an article written by Greg Schulz for TechRepublic entitled “10 Cool Things You Can Do with a USB Flash Drive,” number one on the list was “Run portable applications.”

    Personalize the Customer Experience

    Hostway Marketing, June 02, 2010

    By Monique Martin In the modern world of marketing, you need every edge you can get. There’s more competition than ever and making sure your message gets to the right audience is key to success. Customer segmentation helps you create targeted messaging to increase conversion and cut down on wasted effort.