Security for Public and Private Clouds

    According to Gartner analysis, $150 billion in cloud-related revenues is expected by 2013. The move of company data towards “the cloud” is not slowing, and more companies are wrestling with the “is the cloud secure?” question.

    Host Location Series Part 4: Are More Data Centers Better?

    By Gail Seymour In the introduction to this series of articles, we discussed data centers and some of the methods used to ensure continual availability of data for Web sites.

    Data Center Tour Part 5: Servers

    By Gail Seymour When you rent space on a server from a Web hosting company, do you ever stop to wonder what the server might look like?

    Data Center Tour Part 4: Redundancy

    By Gail Seymour One of the main reasons many companies outsource Web hosting is to ensure consistent availability of their websites.

    Data Center Tour Part 3: Physical Security

    By Gail Seymour When we think about data security, and breaches that have made the headlines, the theft of credit card details by hacker Albert Gonzalez from TJX and other major US retailers in 2006, or the loss of Army reservists personal information after the theft of a laptop containing a CD ROM listing their

    Data Center Tour Part 2: Meet the Staff

    By Gail Seymour A large data center might be staffed with dozens of people, each responsible for different aspects of its operation.

    Data Center Tour Part 1: Introduction

    By Gail Seymour Modern data centers are often compared to military bases, with perimeter fences guarded by security staff, large windowless concrete buildings and lots of surveillance equipment.

    Host Location Series Part 1: Inside the Data Center

    By Gail Seymour Anyone who ever had the responsibility of maintaining an independent Web server can tell you, keeping even a single Web site up can quickly turn into a nightmare. First, you have to keep the server running 24/7, and it isn’t long before you realize that means having a backup server and an

    What Happened to Google's Floating Data Center?

    By Joanna Fletcher What ever happened to the revolutionary floating data center that won Time Magazine’s most innovative invention for 2008 for Google? This fascinating patent was filed two years ago — so will Google be dominating the waves any time soon?

    Find a Web Hosting Plan

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