QR Codes and Mobile Technology

    Hostway Marketing, January 19, 2011

    By Melissa J Luther Have you seen those little square images, made up of more little squares, that have been showing up in magazines, newspapers and on Web sites?

    Touch Screen Design Part 5: Touch Screens of the Future

    Hostway Marketing, July 23, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill There’s no shortage of innovation when it comes to the future of multi-touch and touchscreen devices — touch screens allow richer interactions between users and their devices.

    Touch Screen Design Part 4: Designing for the Finger Instead of the Mouse

    Hostway Marketing, July 22, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill Designing websites and applications for touch screen displays can be challenging. Mobile browsers have extremely limited display space and designing for the less-accurate fingertip can result in frustrating errant keystrokes. Keeping the design simple and easy-to-use is the best way to keep your mobile users happy.

    Touch Screen Design Part 3: How Is the User Experience Different on a Touch Screen?

    Hostway Marketing, July 21, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill The arrival of touch-screen mobile devices has completely changed the way designers have to think about their target market. Users want the same functionality on a screen a fraction of the size of their personal computers. This requires a separate, and touch-screen-optimized, website design.

    Touch Screen Design Part 2: Who Is the Market for These Devices?

    Hostway Marketing, July 20, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill J.D. Power and Associates conducted a survey and found that touch screen users overall are more satisfied with their handheld device and adoption of these devices is growing at an exponential rate. While nearly every mobile and computing company is developing touch-screen phones and tablets, this technology doesn’t appeal to every demographic.

    Touch Screen Design Part 1: Most Popular Devices

    Hostway Marketing, July 19, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill Touch-screen devices, particularly mobile phones, have exploded in the technology market in the past few years. The most popular devices are completely touch-based with few physical keys and can use applications and browse the Web.

    How to Create a Mobile Customer Newsletter

    Hostway Marketing, June 07, 2010

    By Simon Wright Newsletters are a great way of providing value to your clients, while also making them aware of your company’s products and services. They’ve been used successfully via the Internet channel for many years, but a new challenge is emerging for newsletter content providers, namely how to create newsletters that will work for

    Mobile Marketing to a Local Audience

    Hostway Marketing, May 19, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck Mobile device technology can be utilized by businesses to announce sales and promotional discounts to customers in their area. Consumers receive messages digitally on their mobile devices making the cost of delivery very low. Messages must add value to the customer’s life, offer attractive incentives and be customer focused.

    HTML5 Series Part 3: Changing the Mobile Web

    Hostway Marketing, May 19, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill The fastest growing market for Web-capable technology isn’t home computers or even laptops—it’s mobile products like smartphones and tablets. With Apple’s dominance in the mobile market with the iPhone and more recently the iPad, users are flocking to these non-Flash supporting devices. With millions of iPhones and iPads sold, Flash-based Web sites

    Designing for the Touch Screen

    Hostway Marketing, May 14, 2010

    By Jen Brister It seems as if everyone these days has a smart phone. Now, not only do the vast majority of cell phone users have a smart phone, they have a smart phone which has a touch screen. With the inventions of the iPhone and the iPad, touch screens have gone from “technology of