Bootstrapping: Internal Sources of Funds

    Hostway Marketing, February 01, 2010

    By Winmark Business Solutions Bootstrapping is a buzzword that basically means generating needed funds by deftly managing your cash inflows and outflows. Improving cash flow should be a daily task, like housekeeping. Monitoring, forecasting, and analyzing cash flows is essential to liquidity and profitability, even for the Fortune 500 crowd. A basic list of areas

    Five Simple Ways to Save Money and the Environment

    Hostway Marketing, December 03, 2009

    By Hostway Related Products Fax over Email Streamline with an email faxing package that includes a dedicated fax number, digital archiving and more. Pulling ahead of the competition in today’s economy requires a lean, focused organization that makes customers feel good about doing business with you. With an uncertain stock market and leading economists debating

    Outsource IT: Save Money without the Sacrifice

    Hostway Marketing, October 07, 2009

    By Hostway Related Products Hosted Microsoft® SharePoint Create a custom, company portal that eliminates inefficiencies and automates day-to-day managing tasks. Hybrid Microsoft® Exchange Choose your perfect mix of hosted Microsoft ® Exchange and basic email accounts under the same domain name. SiteMail Accounts Enjoy the benefits of Web access, spam and virus protection in a