Hackers and Healthcare Data: Love at First Breach

    Peter Marsh, DIRECTOR OF SECURITY July 06, 2017

    2016 was a record-breaking year for the healthcare industry, and not in a positive way. Last year saw the most healthcare data breaches in history, and this trend hasn’t slowed in 2017.

    What Is a Risk Assessment and Why Does It Matter?

    Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterApril 10, 2017

    At its most basic definition, a risk assessment is simply a standardized way to evaluate the potential risks of an activity or process. In the hosting industry, though, the need for a risk…

    Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates- Making the Internet Safer

    kai.armstrong, PRODUCT MANAGERAugust 30, 2016

    Up until now, SSL certificates – the key to turning your HTTP website into a secure HTTPS URL – were a small tax one would have to pay to secure their website and customer data. That is, until Let’s Encrypt entered the fray, and began offering free SSL certificates. How SSL Certificates Work and Why