Host Location Series Part 3: Server Location and Your Customers

    Hostway Marketing, June 09, 2010

    By Gail Seymour When Internet users type in a URL or click on a link in their browsers, the browser generates a request for a file. Before that file can be delivered, many things have to happen. Let’s use a request for as an example.

    Host Location Series Part 2: Server Location and You

    Hostway Marketing, June 08, 2010

    By Gail Seymour When choosing a Web hosting company for the first time, the options can be a bit bewildering. There are so many companies offering cheap hosting, and an alphabet soup of programming languages and technologies on offer, most of which mean very little to you if you’re not a programmer or Web designer.

    Host Location Series Part 1: Inside the Data Center

    Hostway Marketing, June 07, 2010

    By Gail Seymour Anyone who ever had the responsibility of maintaining an independent Web server can tell you, keeping even a single Web site up can quickly turn into a nightmare. First, you have to keep the server running 24/7, and it isn’t long before you realize that means having a backup server and an

    Windows Web Hosting Part 4: Conclusion

    Hostway Marketing, June 04, 2010

    By Gail Seymour In this series, we’re looking at the Windows operating system (OS) as a Web hosting platform. In the series overview, we looked at how Windows was developed and at its popularity. We’ve also looked at the scripting languages used on the Windows OS platform for serving Web pages, SQL Server and MSADO

    Load Balancing and Web Site Performance

    Hostway Marketing, May 24, 2010

    By Gail Seymour If you have a Web application that connects to a database or runs processor-heavy, server-side scripts, you will soon come to realize that spikes in demand can cause your site to become sluggish, or even worse, unavailable, just when you need it to function most. If your site has reached the stage

    Choosing the Best Control Panel for Your Dedicated Server

    Hostway Marketing, May 14, 2010

    By Melissa J Luther Congratulations, your business has grown to the point that you need a dedicated server for your Web site. This is great news for your business, but it does increase your server management responsibilities. For one thing, you are no longer restricted to your Web host’s choice of control panel, so you

    Advantages of Collocation

    Hostway Marketing, May 13, 2010

    By Samantha Gluck Choosing a server collocation provider is growing rapidly in popularity among small business owners. These businesses have invested a fair amount of money in their servers and peripheral hardware, but don’t have the budget and facilities necessary to reap all the potential benefits of having this equipment.

    How Does a Multi-server Configuration Work?

    Hostway Marketing, April 21, 2010

    By Buffy Cranford Savvy computer users recognize the value of backing up their priceless files on a spare hard drive or rewritable disks. When hearty files begin chewing up hard drive space and impacting PC performance, computer users often examine their Central Processing Unit (CPU) performance and take appropriate measures for freeing up disk space.

    Cloud Computing and Shared Hosting

    Hostway Marketing, March 30, 2010

    By Meredith Barnhill Related Products Web Hosting Launch a Web site on a cloud-based Web hosting plan with unlimited traffic, numerous email accounts, generous storage, and over $100 in free advertising credits. For small companies, hosting a Web site on a local server can be a huge expense to set up and maintain. Most companies

    Which Web Server: IIS vs. Apache

    Hostway Marketing, March 26, 2010

    By Gail Seymour Related Products Web Hosting Launch a Web site with unlimited traffic, numerous email accounts, generous storage, and over $100 in free advertising credits. If you have a Web site hosted on the Internet, the computer your files are housed on needs Web server software to enable it to process requests for information