Facebook Privacy and Businesses

    By Joanna Fletcher There have been serious concerns about Facebook making news recently.

    Paid Ads on Social Media

    By Jen Brister With the increasing popularity of social media websites such as Facebook, many small companies are using paid advertisements on these sites to drive traffic to the company website.

    Social Media and Ecommerce

    By Samantha Gluck Social media platforms and ecommerce go together like cookies and milk.

    Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on Not Likely to Affect You

    By Melissa J Luther Privacy on the Internet has been in the news lately, as various social media platforms struggle with how to encourage more sharing while still protecting users’ privacy.

    Social Media Tips from the Major Players

    By Monique Martin Big brands like Comcast and Starbucks are leveraging the power of social media to expand their brand awareness and drive sales. And, for the most part, they’re doing it without spending big business bucks. Winning the social media market doesn’t take a big monetary investment. What it takes is time and passion.