Integrating Video into Ecommerce Sites

    By Joanna Fletcher The popularity of using video on ecommerce sites has increased dramatically.

    Video Series Part 3: Optimizing your Videos for Speedy Load Times

    By Melissa J Luther Web visitors love video, but they get frustrated quickly by slow-loading video or video that starts and stops as playback catches up with the downloaded portion of the file. While some visitors will put up with a little inconvenience for content they really want to see, if your site provides a

    Video Series Part 2: Designing a Video-Heavy Web Site

    By Melissa J Luther At one time, Webmasters were advised to limit the amount of video on a Web site. Internet connections were slow and unreliable, and most visitors didn’t want to wait for the file to download. Today, video is hot, Internet connections are mostly high-speed, and most Web sites can benefit from the

    Video Series Part 1: Choosing a Web Host for Your Video Web Site

    By Melissa J Luther Video Web sites are popular because people like watching video better than reading text, especially on a computer screen. There are multitudes of video hosting sites that will allow you to upload your videos to share. You can even create your own “channel” on some of those sites. Many small businesses

    What You Can Learn from Silly Viral Videos

    By Monique Martin Your inbox is probably full of them — the latest viral video sensations from YouTube. From piano playing cats to unfortunately placed piñata bats, silly videos have become big business. David After Dentist, a video of the funny, sometimes incoherent ramblings of an anesthetized little boy has been viewed over 58 million

    Most Watched YouTube Videos

    By CC Pearce With millions of users, seemingly infinite content, and a blend of professional and amateur video, it’s no wonder why YouTube has become the phenomenon that it is. From mega-studio music videos to silly stunts on webcams, YouTube has hosted a plethora of viral videos. When you look at the most watched videos,

    Video Tagging

    By Joanna Fletcher In 2007, Google began returning search results from all Web sources including images, news, products and videos. So began the era of video tagging to ensure that video content is included in search engine results just like traditional Web pages.

    HTML5 and Web Video

    By Meredith Barnhill Related Products Web Hosting Launch a Web site with unlimited traffic, numerous email accounts, generous storage, and over $100 in free advertising credits. HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) is the next version of the language used most commonly to create Web pages and content on the Internet. One of the biggest changes in

    Does HTML5 Mean the End of Flash?

    By Joanna Fletcher Related Products Web Hosting Launch a Web site with unlimited traffic, numerous email accounts, generous storage, and over $100 in free advertising credits. HTML5 makes wonderful sense on paper; one tool to do every Internet job. As the original basic language of the Internet, HTML has the great advantage of longevity and

    Ten Top Tips for Video Marketing Your Online Business

    By Jay Allyson Nearly all Internet marketing professionals use video as one of the core methods for marketing their business. These 10 tips aim to help you get started creating short, attractive, effective videos based on solid keywords that convert and that stand the test of time. Video grabs people’s attention far more quickly and