The Danger of Deleting Viruses

    By Janet Pieterse It can come as a bit of a shock to find out that your antivirus program does not remove viruses from your computer. Instead, it puts them into quarantine — which means they are still on your computer! Much as you trust your antivirus program, you may wonder if this is safe.

    Protect Your Computer from Viruses

    By Samantha Gluck All computers that connect to the Internet and/or receive email are vulnerable to contracting computer viruses. Viruses can range in destructive nature from the simply irritating to those that cause marked damage and corrupt files beyond recovery. Some viruses even capture all of the email addresses in an email program and send

    Online Security

    Internet security is a wide-reaching issue. You not only have to think about protecting your customers, you need to protect your business.

    Spam and Virus Software

    Related Products Hybrid Microsoft® Exchange Choose your perfect mix of hosted Microsoft ® Exchange and basic email accounts under the same domain name. SiteMail Accounts Enjoy the benefits of Web access, spam and virus protection in a business email package with domain-specific addresses. Whether it’s your personal or business computer, having spam and virus software