The Four Horsemen of the Hybrid Cloud Apocalypse

We’re constantly on the lookout for articles and resources to keep ourselves and our customers up-to-date on the state of the cloud and IT industries. So when we ran across The Four Horsemen of the Hybrid Cloud Apocalypse – Vision of the Business Defined Data Center, from highly regarded industry analyst, Torsten Volk, we knew we needed to share it. Volk is an expert in hybrid cloud and software defined infrastructure with Enterprise Management Associates.

The hybrid cloud is a conquest entertainingly represented by the four horsemen in this post, and we think you’ll enjoy reading about how to slay them. Get ready to slay each horseman more than once…

According to Volk, the first horseman of the hybrid cloud apocalypse is, “you make a mistake.” Hey, it happens, right?

Hostway|HOSTING is here to help make sure you avoid the kinds of mistakes referenced in the article. We’re a trusted partner to our customers and deliver cloud infrastructure and services tuned to your specific needs. We design, build, and run hybrid clouds that are optimized specifically for your workloads.

Check out the article to learn about all four horsemen, then go here to learn more about how our hybrid cloud support services can help you slay them.

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