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Each year, security professionals from all corners of the globe attend RSA events, which are among the premier information security events in the world. This year’s US show (Feb 13-17) highlighted the state of the industry and more than ever, the growing union of business initiatives, cloud and security.

Dominating the list of innovations and vendor focus this year were a number artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning capabilities both independent and integrated into existing products. The influence of these products on the industry remain to be seen, but it is evident that emerging solutions are stepping up to major security challenges. Other big standout trends:

  • Security in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Managed security services
  • Container security
  • Cloud services security

For as long as the cloud itself has been around, enterprise cloud use has been a major tactical security consideration. As the industry has evolved and cloud adoption has increased, the security concerns of the past that at times restricted adoption are now quite different. Countless reports indicate that we are at all-time highs in hosting and cloud utilization and it is important to note that the integrity of these services is more critical than ever. A very clear picture has emerged where more infrastructure is going to the cloud as well as a rapidly increasing number of custom application deployments. Altogether, RSA has shown us a growing emergence of services and a massive spending forecast around the very topic of cloud services.

The Great App Unknown

“ teams are only aware of less than 40 percent of all custom applications in the enterprise”

An industry report generated by the Cloud Security Alliance and Skyhigh Networks indicates and projects a number of growing security and compliance challenges as enterprise cloud usage increases. Further, the report indicates that security teams are only aware of less than 40 percent of all custom applications in the enterprise, while for the first time ever, more custom applications are finding their way to infrastructure-as-a-service platforms than traditional data centers.

For many, the threats of malware, intrusions, cyber-espionage and the challenge of compliance seem to be exacerbated by the cloud element. For all the technology innovations out there, there are just as many workarounds and rogue insider threats.

Great Partners Lead

Hostway|HOSTING has been a leader in security and cloud since the company was founded. The company has forged more than 17 years of expertise with experienced and well-trained staff so that customers can get the custom security solutions that fit their security requirements. You can protect data that is mission critical, mitigate business risks and maximize uptime with an experienced, trusted Hostway|HOSTING consultant and an industry-grade design with cloud services.

What matters most to a business and its leaders are the implications of security incidents, not the technical elements of how an incident came to be. Establishing solid IT and security initiatives for your organization are critical starting points for any environment, especially with cloud resources in the mix.

Cloud partnerships are critically important to the security picture. Ideally, a business’ cloud partner has secured all of the compliance requirements. The cloud partner takes on the regular third-party audits, documentation, reporting and security so that the client business can focus on what it was built to do. In an age where security threats are on the rise, with a shortage of available professionals, and cloud deployment as the preferred app delivery method, the case for utilizing a partner that is experienced and dedicated to security is more important than ever.

Security Is Business

At the end of the day, the RSA convention tells us that security goes far beyond technology. It is a challenge for the business to overcome. Impact, capabilities, and uninterrupted services are a matter of business strategy. A cloud partner is a security partner, and a security partner is a business partner. Call us today at +1.866.680.7556 or chat here to learn more about our expertise in security and compliance, and for a limited time take advantage of our free security vulnerability assessment.

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