What “Game of Thrones” Can Teach You About Application Monitoring

Varys from "Game of Thrones" shows us just how critical application monitoring is for today's businesses. Ever since the popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire came to life on the small screen, the number of “Game of Thrones” fans has only grown. Now, interest in the story of the Seven Kingdoms has peaked, and many are waiting anxiously for the next episode, as well as the next book release.

Among the wide range of characters the story follows is Varys, a member of the small council in King’s Landing known as the Master of Whispers. This moniker his remarkable ability to be aware of all important occurrences, not just in the political seat of Westeros but seemingly in all of the world.

Varys seems to have ears everywhere, which he refers to as his “little birds.” Staying so informed – surely no easy feat – enables Varys to stay a step ahead of nearly everyone in the fight for the Iron Throne.

“When it comes to application monitoring, there is nothing better than staying on top of every critical aspect of the program’s performance and usage.”

Application monitoring is analogous to Varys’ birds – staying on top of every critical aspect of a program’s performance and usage. Enterprise leaders and their employees applyVarys’ tactics to make their application that much more effective.

Bringing secrets to light: Why application monitoring is essential
Fans of “Game of Thrones” know that Varys is often the one to share news with other key characters, including the Lannister family. It is this level of knowledge that makes Varys an indispensable ally, and dangerous foe.

The case is similar with application monitoring – these solutions can offer a level of data that is not only critical to the program being examined, but company processes as a whole as well.

In many cases, critical applications form the backbone of a business’s operations, enabling workers to complete tasks and share information in real time with other staff members and stakeholders. When users run into an issue with the platform, it can be incredibly detrimental to overall productivity.

When problems arise in King’s Landing, the royal family turned to Varys to gain insight and determine the best solution. Through his network of informants, Varys is able to bring even the most sensitive secrets to light, giving the Lannisters an edge over others working to control the Seven Kingdoms.

A robust application monitoring solution can bring this level of insight to the performance and usage of critical programs. These solutions enable businesses to troubleshoot their problem applications and pinpoint the cause of a slowdown or interruption, allowing the IT team to act quickly to mitigate the issue and bring the app back to working order.

The level of wisdom Varys offers in "Game of Thrones" is akin to the insight provided by application monitoring.
The level of wisdom Varys offers in “Game of Thrones” is akin to the insight provided by application monitoring.

Your IT team will thank you
Varys has no shortage of friends in high places, and while the royal family and other prominent individuals benefit from his wisdom, Varys himself reaps the advantages of being associated with his well-known friends.

In a similar fashion, application monitoring not only benefits the employees using critical programs, but the IT team as well. Without application monitoring, the IT team can be left in the dark when it comes to performance and usability problems. This requires them to manually go through the application to seek out the cause of any issues. With improved oversight of key application components, the IT team is in a much better position to repair any current problems and prevent future issues.

As application monitoring can reduce the legwork on the part of the IT team, the department also has more time on its hands to work on other mission-critical projects and initiatives.

Varys’ presence has had quite the impact on his friends – from informing them of the latest happenings and bringing secrets to light, to rescuing those in need. Application monitoring can offer similar advantages to your business, rescuing your IT team in its moment of need.

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