What The Experts are Saying About Managed Cloud Security

Although cloud use is clearly growing across the board, there are still enterprises that aren’t ready to put their full faith in the security of these platforms. However, managed security service providers are helping to quell these concerns with top-tier protection measures.

Companies are reducing the risk they are exposing themselves to by entrusting their cloud security to experts.

Survey says: IT leaders still concerned about cloud security

Just a few years ago, when cloud technology first was termed as such, security was an immediate topic of discussion. Traditionally, business applications and data had been stored in on-premises environments where the company and its internal IT team had full control. Relinquishing this and trusting a service provider to not only maintain but also secure mission-critical data was something that frightened many corporate decision-makers.

“49 % of IT decision-makers are ‘very or extremely anxious’ about cloud security.”

Fast forward a few years, and some organizations remain hesitant about how secure information is in the cloud. According to a BT survey, 49 percent of IT decision-makers are “very or extremely anxious” about the implications of cloud security, Information Age reported. However, what’s most telling about these results is that this represents a 10 percent increase from BT’s 2012 survey.

The security of cloud solutions is the main concern of 76 percent of that survey’s respondents. In addition, 41 percent of IT leaders noted a belief that the cloud is “inherently insecure.” These notions can result from a lack of oversight when moving from on-premises to the cloud.

“When data is held internally, it is within an organization’s own control and they can decide on the level of security to place around that data,” Darren Anstee, Arbor Networks’ solution architects director, told Information Age. “Once data moves to a cloud service platform, this control is reduced.

Some corporate leaders are also of the opinion that cloud service providers aren’t doing all they can to safeguard sensitive cloud-based resources.

“[P]eople are actually beginning to lose patience with cloud service providers that do not take the necessary precautions,” said Grayson Milbourne, Webroot’s security intelligence director.

What enterprise leaders seek, in the end, are solutions that can bolster the security of their cloud environments.

A managed security provider can help ease worries about data protection in the cloud.
A managed security provider can help ease worries about data protection in the cloud.

The solution: Managed cloud security services

The managed cloud security services market is growing considerably, and experts predict that this trend will continue. A 2015 report from Infonetics Research showed that the cloud-based managed security services sector reached a value of $7.2 billion last year, a 13.5 percent increase from 2013. Separate research from Markets and Markets predicts that the cloud managed services market as a whole – which includes managed security – is on track to reach $118.43 billion by 2020. This represents considerable growth when compared with that broader market’s 2015 value of $52.23 billion.

A managed security service provider can offer numerous benefits for today’s enterprises, including high-level transparency and peace of mind.

“Managed security service providers are trusted by their clients to protect mission-critical data and systems. It’s a responsibility that [MSSPs] do not take lightly,” noted TechTarget contributor Crystal Bedell. “Internal policies and processes are held to the highest security standards, and the providers say they’re very honest with clients about their own security posture. This transparency will only become increasingly important … as the managed IT services market grows.”

TechTarget found that not only are many MSSPs transparent when it comes to their internal security processes, but are also willing to share external audit reports with their customers. This alleviates much of the stress that can come as a result of moving critical infrastructure off-premises.

Managed security services are becoming an increasingly important part of enterprise IT protection. To find out more, contact Hostway today.

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