Why You Should Love Application Monitoring

When applications don't work as they should, it could cost the business a considerable amount in productivity losses. The rise of critical enterprise applications in recent years has yielded an important innovation: application monitoring, to help IT managers and administrators maintain oversight of these important programs. Although it has quickly become a staple of any business’s IT infrastructure, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s actually enthusiastic about their application monitoring solution.

Well, look no further. Our team here at Hostway loves application monitoring, and when you understand our reasoning, it’s easy to see why. Application monitoring offers a host of benefits that can put your business on the path toward success.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love application monitoring, and you should too:

1) You’re never in the dark
Sometimes, applications simply don’t perform as they should. We’ve all been there: A critical program is experiencing problems, preventing users from connecting with the resources they need. These are obstacles that must be addressed quickly to prevent further disruption to business processes and productivity. Without application monitoring, how can the IT team properly troubleshoot and address the core issue?

“Application monitoring ensures that the IT team is never in the dark when it comes to critical applications.”

This technology ensures that the IT team and administrators are never in the dark when it comes to their critical applications. Application monitoring offers the information IT employees need in a quick, effective manner, helping them pinpoint any application problems and streamlining their work to solve them.

2) Prevent downtime before it happens
When it comes to application performance, it’s always beneficial to nip small issues in the bud before they become large problems.

Downtime isn’t fun for anyone — it puts up roadblocks against productivity and collaboration, and can halt critical business processes in their tracks. While it’s nearly impossible to prevent any and every outage-causing event, application monitoring can help the IT team work proactively to prevent issues before they lead to downtime.

Petri Maanonen, HP’s senior product marketing manager for application performance management, told APMdigest that many businesses see as much as a 70 percent decrease in downtime through their use of an application monitoring solution. This reduction can help the company save an untold amount of capital that could have been lost due to a service outage.

“[Application performance monitoring]’s role in improving availability is three-fold: verify that these core services maintain expected levels of availability, ensure more efficient troubleshooting and promote safer upgrades and changes,” Neebula CTO and Co-Founder Ariel Gordon told APMdigest. “In organizations deploying modern APM tools, we have seen 10 times faster problem isolation and an average reduction of 27 percent in mean-time-to-repair.”

Here at Hostway, we love application monitoring, And we think you should too.
Here at Hostway, we love application monitoring, And we think you should too.

3) Customers feel the benefits
Critical applications often aren’t just used by employees — many businesses have client-facing apps that they rely on as well. And when clients run into performance issues with these platforms, it could also cause them to seek out services from a competitor.

End users will only deal with slow performing applications for a short time before they look for another solution. Just as application monitoring can improve utilization for employees, so too can it help enhance the experience for customers.

4) The data you want, efficiently accessible
The more information the solution is able to share, the better. Our application monitoring solution doesn’t just guarantee that you have access to the data you need, but that this information is accessible and easily navigated as well.

Hostway’s Application Monitoring offers insights into the services supporting critical web apps, including web servers and databases. This means users see alerts for IIS and Apache, can monitor custom URLs and can view multiple programming languages. In addition, these alerts can come in the form of email notifications, ensuring you see this critical information.

Hostway also offers a specialized E-Commerce Monitoring solution for our friends in the online retail marketplace. This technology helps vendors keep an eye on their Magento shopping cart, helping to offer the best experience possible for their customers. Our e-commerce application monitoring offers insights for a site’s SSL certificate, as well as components supported by Apache and MySQL.

To find out more about why we love application monitoring, contact Hostway today.

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