May 14, 2009

Build an Opt-In Email List


Hostway Team

It's time to use your imagination. Visualize your perfect customers. How will you find them and convince them to give you their email addresses?

Find Your Target Audience

Every customer touch point is an opportunity to ask for an email address. Create a Web form for your home page, landing pages and order forms. Keep a printed list next to the cash register or take it with you to trade shows and community events and ask prospects to sign up to receive special offers or valuable industry news.

Get Their Email Addresses

Start by gaining trust. Develop a privacy policy that spells out how you will protect the information entrusted to you. Tell prospects whom you will share the information with and give them the chance to opt-out.

Consider giving out a small premium or special content, such as branded key chains or a whitepaper written by an industry expert, to anyone who signs up for your list. Make sure to include your URL on anything you give away.

Quickly Confirm The Registration

Waiting too long to send your message after the initial sign up could condemn you to the spam list even when you obtained permission. Send a friendly welcome email confirming registration as soon as possible.

When you take the time to build an opt-in list you not only find your most qualified sales leads, you preserve your online integrity by avoiding the spammer label.

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