Case Study – ConvergeDirect


Customer: ConvergeDirect

Industry: Marketing

Solution: Disaster Recovery, Database

ConvergeDirect, a marketing firm that provides a wide variety of advertising services, entrusts Hostway with maintaining and updating their overall infrastructure, adding a disaster recovery solution to ensure their databases are always available.


According to Jason Schalz, ConvergeDirect Director of Technology, the organization counts on several Hostway solutions, including those related to its database servers, web servers and hit-tracking servers, which show when a ConvergeDirect client’s advertisement has been seen or clicked on. The company also utilizes a Hostway firewall solution to safeguard its network. All told, Hostway operates and manages the entirety of its core infrastructure, owning all of the servers used by the firm.

“All of our production applications and data are hosted by Hostway,” Schalz said. “Everything.”

Hostway Partnership Essential To Disaster Recovery

In addition to its database, web and hit tracking servers, ConvergeDirect also began leveraging Hostway services for the company’s new disaster recovery location. Schalz noted that this process began this year, as the organization looked to establish a second home in Tampa, Florida, specifically devoted to disaster recovery and business continuity.

During this time, company leaders had a difficult balance they were looking to maintain. They needed a system that would enable them to be fully prepared in the event of a disaster while still fitting within their budget.

This is where ConvergeDirect’s partnership with Hostway became increasingly valuable. The vendor’s experts were able to recommend the best configuration that would keep processes going temporarily while staying in line with the business budget.

“Hostway was able to figure out what we would need to keep running in case of a disaster, for a smaller period of time, obviously, until our regular production service was up and running,” Schalz said. “They gave us a solution that didn’t double our spending. We were able to spend less than we thought we would have to to have a second site.”

Schalz added that it is beneficial to have a vendor that knows what the company has as well as what they need, and can recommend the best components to bring value to any project ConvergeDirect is working on.

“Hostway’s solution provides us with 24/7/365 access to our apps and data, allowing us to always be there for our clients,” Schalz said. “These clients can rest assured that they have connectivity at any time.”

Measurable Results With Hostway Solutions

Overall, one of the greatest benefits of utilizing Hostway is the fact that the partnership enables the internal ConvergeDirect team to remain focused on their core company processes while not having to worry about their infrastructure. For Schalz, this means he is able to keep his attention on the software aspect of the organization while Hostway maintains the hardware.

“That is the best part for me. I don’t have to worry about it and everything is taken care of,” Schalz said. “I know the servers are going to be running and they’re going to be up and if a disc drive explodes or something, Hostway is going to swap it out for me.”

“The fact that I don’t have to worry about the infrastructure is really my favorite part,” Schalz added. “If I had physical servers here that I had to administer, I would probably go crazy.”

The Hostway Difference