Case Study – Goal Share


Customer: GoalShare

Industry: Social Networking

Solution: Web Presence, Infrastructure Flexibility

GoalShare provides a platform for individuals to share their goals, holding themselves and each other accountable for success. Hostway provides the hosting expertise to respond to accelerating usage and avoid downtime, strong service and account management, and a 100% uptime guarantee.


The GoalShare idea came into focus in early 2008 as a personal tool of CEO Scott Spann as he prepared to compete at the Beijing Olympics. In his fifteen years of competitive swimming, the dual foundation of his drive to improve was goal-setting and accountability. To help him achieve his goals, he shared them with family, friends and coaches.

Spann realized that such goal-sharing transcends athletic endeavors – success for all individuals and companies is achieved by being motivated to complete a series of goals. Spann created GoalShare as a place for both the titular activity as well as positive social media exchange. Chris Voigt, COO of GoalShare, came on board after he learned of the project and started applying it to his everyday life.


Knowing the decision ahead of them would play a large role in their continued growth, GoalShare turned to its trusted colleagues for hosting company referrals. They learned about Hostway through their web design team.

“Our network consists of two hard commodities: the website and the hosting,” Voigt explained. “If the hosting works flawlessly, it allows us to grow our network. If the network continues to grow, we need more hosting space.”

Once GoalShare was in touch with Hostway Business Development Consultant Andrew Bruno, it became apparent where Hostway could be of service.

“We saw that their configuration was not ideal, and began the process of showing them how to get their platform running as efficiently as possible,” Bruno said. “We’ve laid out a growth plan for them that explains how prices would change if their needs continue to grow.”

Hostway’s expertise was quickly evident to the GoalShare team.


GoalShare is set up with a single robust managed server, with plenty room to thrive and expand.

“Since switching from smaller servers to Hostway, the functionality of the site has been much faster,” Voigt said. “It was immediately clear that Hostway’s servers were more suitable for our needs.”

Through this transition, Hostway’s account team and support were ever-present in making sure GoalShare had what it needed to reach its milestones.


Since joining Hostway, new users have been streaming in as GoalShare experiences 100% uptime and prepares to release its mobile application.

“We are very happy about everything that Hostway has done for us as we continue to grow,” Voigt said. “We’re excited to be adding a mobile app that will complement the existing website. Hostway will absolutely be involved with providing the platform for that project as well.”

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