by Melissa J Luther

You are collecting analytics data on your Web site, but there’s just so much of it, and you have so little time to analyze it. (more…)

By Winmark Business Solutions

Keyword research is the process of selecting keywords and keyphrases to include in your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign.

The goal of keyword research is to identify as many keywords and keyphrases as possible and organize them into logical groups. The end result of keyword research is a "keyword portfolio" which can be used as the basis for all SEM campaigns. (more…)

By Melissa J. Luther

Using the right keywords on your Web site is important for good search engine rankings, but the location of those keywords is equally important. Search engines assign greater significance to keywords in certain positions compared to others.

To convince search engines that a keyword is truly important to your page, consider using it in the following locations. (more…)

By Rod Holmes

Keywords is the term SEOs use to refer to the words and phrases that people type into the search engines. If you type in to Google, "Where can I get a blue margarita with an umbrella in it in Topeka," the entire long phrase is a keyword. You will occasionally read or see keyword/keyphrase, but it's time for people to give up and just call them keywords. (more…)

By Richard Gilmore

Meta descriptions (the text snippets of the Web page you see in search results) used to be an important ranking factor. Until not too long ago both Google and Yahoo! officially announced they no longer used meta descriptions in their search algorithms. But recent developments in Google's search algo bring meta description back to life as a ranking factor. (more…)

By Titus Hoskins

After years of running Web sites and earning a full-time online income, I am constantly reminded that it all comes down to keywords. Actually, it all comes down to obtaining top rankings for your profitable keywords in the search engines, mainly Google. (more…)

Meta tags are the text inserted into the head of a Web page’s code containing information such as the title, author, keywords and refresh instructions for a Web page. They once had a great impact on search engine rank, but with the rise of Google’s search engine algorithms, that has changed. (more…)

Keywords trigger your ads on the search engine. They ensure that your message reaches someone who likely has a high level of interest in your product. You can increase your ads' effectiveness by choosing keywords that are: (more…)

If your blog is part of your Web site and optimized with relevant keywords, it can help your site rank higher in search engines. Remember that the most important goal of your blog is to create interesting content. Artificially inserting keywords will turn readers away, and you might be penalized by search engines. So write as you would speak, and fit your keywords in naturally. (more…)

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