By Melissa J Luther

Have you seen those little square images, made up of more little squares, that have been showing up in magazines, newspapers and on Web sites? (more…)

By Simon Wright

Newsletters are a great way of providing value to your clients, while also making them aware of your company’s products and services. They’ve been used successfully via the Internet channel for many years, but a new challenge is emerging for newsletter content providers, namely how to create newsletters that will work for those accessing them via mobile devices. (more…)

By Mike Koehler

When a business is looking at its online strategy these days, it shouldn’t confine itself to the world of computers. Instead, it needs to be thinking about how it can get into its customers’ pockets. (more…)

By Joyce V. Harrison

As a small business, you may not have the marketing clout of a company as big as Target. But you can launch couponing to mobile devices just as this mega-retailer is doing.

According to an article titled “Go Green with Mobile Coupons,” paper coupons currently number 300 billion a year, typically clipped from the Sunday newspaper. Only a total of 15% come from email/text messages and Web sites. But the trend is definitely toward major growth in digital delivery. (more…)

By Joanna Fletcher
Geocoding is finding location coordinates, usually latitude and longitude, from street addresses or postal/zip codes. The most common use of the technology is to find that location on a digital map. Geocodes are also used in Geographic Information Systems like local search engines, and entered as links, or geotags, in an online image or text. (more…)

By Meredith Barnhill

Location-aware mobile applications are the newest mobile technology phenomenon. The latest wave of mobile phones including the iPhone have GPS capabilities allowing developers to tailor applications for those devices. Early adopters of such technology have taken to applications like Loopt, Foursquare and Gowalla. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to advertise and offer extra incentives to customers who frequent their locations. (more…)

By Monique Martin

The iPhone is more than just a cool gadget; it’s a valuable business tool. With hundreds of business applications available for download, your iPhone can be a portable office. From sales calls to increased productivity, as they say in the commercials, “There’s an app for that.” Here are 10 of the most popular apps for business. (more…)

By Winmark Business Solutions

Your objectives represent the projected impact your Web site project will have on customer behavior and perception. These objectives identify how you plan to use the Internet to support or achieve some of the specific communication goals and marketing efforts you've identified.

For example, say your overall marketing goal is to create awareness among the target market of 18 to 25 percent. You should create a related objective identifying a percentage of the target market that will visit your Web site. (more…)

By Winmark Business Solutions

When developing your company's Web site, it may be wise to step back and take a macro view of your customers and the Internet experience.

A market-led approach to Internet marketing provides customers with a personal brand experience by combining the benefits of mass marketing with those of customer relationship marketing (CRM). (more…)

If you're not quite ready for the full-scale project of designing, launching and maintaining a Web site, but want to lead Web surfers to your business, a local business profile is for you. (more…)

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