By Peter Nisbet

The truth of the Google duplicate content penalty is quite simply that there is none! If that confuses you, then you have been reading too many misinformed forums or blogs where people get stuck on some popular term that they have no idea what it means, and then profess to be experts. (more…)

By Melissa J Luther

If you have a Web site that you’ve worked hard to get ranked well with the search engines, you may be wondering why on earth you’d want to prevent any part of it from getting indexed. However, there are several types of pages you might want to share only with certain visitors. These might include: (more…)

By Suzanne Vara

Google recently introduced us to Real Time Search, and this has been met with a lot of questions. What tweets will show up in real time? How will this affect businesses who are, and those who are not, engaging in social media? How will it affect PPC? Where will the searches show up? The biggest question is what impact will this have on small business? Small business owners are met with limited resources and adding any additional hours into their day is nearly impossible. But can a small business ignore real time search? (more…)

By Monique Martin

As a small business, you can’t afford to miss any opportunity to increase the visibility of your Web site. While there’s some debate over what level of importance Google PageRank has in search result placement, it’s still a factor in their mysterious algorithm. That means that it’s something you simply can’t ignore. Here are 10 tips for improving your Google PageRank. (more…)

Google is currently the most popular Internet search engine, rising to prominence in recent years because it developed an algorithm that returns good search results. Google’s method is loosely based on the principles of democracy. The formula assumes that when one Web site links to another, the first Web site is affirming the value of or "voting" for the second one. The Web site with the most links pointing at it is the most valuable and ranks the highest. (more…)

Most people familiar with the Internet have heard of Google's PageRank system. By adding PageRank to other search factors, such as keyword frequency and content quality, Google was able to return higher quality search engine results than the competition. (more…)

First conceived by Google Cofounder Larry Page during his days at Stanford University, PageRank is a critical piece of Google's success story. Google was able to return higher quality search results by adding PageRank to other, existing criteria such as keyword relevancy to gain the competitive edge it needed to propel itself to the top of the search industry. (more…)

Yahoo Search is the currently one of the most popular Internet search engines according to Nielsen//NetRatings. In June 2006, users conducted 1.2 billion searches using the Yahoo! Search engine. (more…)

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