June 14, 2013

Choose the Safe Way with Symantec and Hostway


Hostway Team


Cloud Hosting providers are not all the same. Of course, many offer the same services to scale SMB businesses, but only seasoned providers understand how to protect their SMB clients. After all, a security reputation can make or break a growing business. Once a company is hacked, it’s a long road back for the SMB to rebuild trust with their clients, if they are even given the chance to do so again.

A savvy cloud hosting provider such as Hostway offers complete website security solutions and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with its hosting packages. SSL secures crucial transaction and contact information.

Hostway understands that security is more than just checking a box on a list. It’s not just about choosing the right cloud hosting provider;  what SSL provider (Certificate Authority) is used becomes equally important to the security reputation of SMBs.

SSL certificates assure your customers that their identity, credit card details and other private data is safe when they buy from you online. SSL is a transaction security standard that protects your visitors' personal information by encrypting the data and transmitting via a secure online channel.

A Certificate of Authority affirms to your customers that your website meets certain security standards and can be trusted to maintain the integrity of any data it shares.

The Certificate Authority's authentication practices must be thorough and compliant with the Certificate Authority and Browser Forum requirements. Once a company secures a site with SSL, and posts the Internet trust mark (seal), it gives their end customers peace of mind to move forward with business and online transactions. It provides your website with the two signs customers associate with online security: "https" in the address bar, and the lock icon at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the safe way to do business by choosing a Hostway cloud solution with GeoTrust SSL to secure your online reputation and drive business continuity. Hostway offers two levels of GeoTrust SSL Certifications, both ready to ensure that your customers feel safe and secure when they complete transactions on your site. By teaming up, Hostway and Symantec enable SMBs to provide safe, secure and reliable service to their customers to be trusted now and in the future.


About the author: Charla Bunton-Johnson is with Symantec's Channel Team

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