November 19, 2013

Chris and USANA / Illuminate Leadership


Hostway Team

Like many of our customers, Hostway business development consultant Chris Harl has a passion for small business and entrepreneurship. He's also had a strong passion for health and teaching about health for the last 15 years.

Eight years ago, he partnered with USANA Health Sciences. In this role, he has built a large part-time business that spans into six countries around the globe, working closely with charities like the Children’s Hunger Fund. Every year, he joins with his colleagues and their families to do a toy wrap for families all over the world.


Although Harl loves to teach, he understands that he cannot be in more than one place at a time. With that in mind, he has mentored and coached hundreds of other people on how to impart their philosophy, skills and knowledge to impact others.

Harl is also the co-founder of Illuminate Leadership, with account manager Jamison Coy and their close friend Brian Bohlke. Their mission is to educate people on the fast-changing world of personal finance and the struggles and solutions associated with that.


“One of my greatest satisfactions is watching others improve their lifestyle, and by their own improvements, influence everyone in their lives to do the same,” Harl said.


Due to the impact he has made with Illuminate Leadership, he has traveled on numerous occasions domestically and internationally to speak in front of thousands of people about his cause.

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