September 9, 2014

ConvergeDirect Establishes Disaster Recovery with Hostway


Hostway Team

With the help of Hostway, ConvergedDirect was able to establish a second home in Tampa, Florida just for disaster recovery.In today's corporate environment, disaster recovery is a must. With so much riding on the availability of online resources – like business applications and other mission-critical platforms – companies cannot afford to have these components go down. When items like this become inaccessible due to a natural disaster, utility outage or other event, business processes stall, causing considerable losses in productivity and potential revenues.

For this reason, the majority of enterprises now have continuity and disaster recovery plans in place to ensure that – no matter what happens – critical business resources will remain available to staff members. In fact, a Regus study found that more than half of all small businesses and nearly three quarters of large organizations have business continuity plans in place to guarantee the return of services within 24 hours.

ConvergeDirect adds second location in Florida
Among the firms with plans in place for disaster recovery is ConvergeDirect, a marketing firm offering an array of advertising services. The company looked to bolster its DR approach with the addition of a new site in Tampa, Florida, which would be dedicated to business continuity.

However, during the establishment of this second home, the company ran into a number of challenges. Thankfully, Hostway – which also handled ConvergeDirect's database, web and hit-tracking servers – was standing by with a solution. Hostway's expert engineers recommended the most optimal disaster recovery arrangement that would strike the balance ConvergeDirect was looking for – being adequately prepared while still keeping within the budget.

"Hostway was able to figure out what we would need to keep running in case of a disaster... until our regular production service was up and running," noted Jason Schalz, ConvergeDirect's system architect and technical team leader.

Best of all, the disaster recovery configuration Hostway provided allowed ConvergeDirect to spend much less than they anticipated for establishing a secondary site especially for business continuity purposes.

To find out more about the Hostway DR system ConvergeDirect leverages, and all the benefits it provided the company, take a look at our case study.

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