July 4, 2017

Declare Your Independence!


Hostway Team

Running your mission critical applications in the wrong environment may not immediately reveal itself to be a problem, but one outage, loss of data, or security breach will quickly prove differently. While IT Pros look to the cloud to help lower operating costs and improve efficiency, many organizations continue to be shackled by a lack of architecture guidance, poor solutions design, and ineffective support.

It’s time to declare your independence!

Hostway's hybrid cloud, wrapped with our proven managed support, offers independence from challenges that can arise from trying to do it yourself – whether in a hyper-scale cloud (eg. AWS) or with infrastructure in your own data center. Partnering with Hostway eliminates the burdens that come from adding expensive cloud specialists to your head-count, properly architecting a highly secure and reliable solution, and meeting strict compliance regulations, just to name a few.
Hostway's customers enjoy cloud computing benefits that exceed our competitors’ offerings. Declaring your independence and partnering with Hostway includes:

  • Solutions engineers to help design the right solution for your unique requirements
  • HIPAA-compliant solutions that are designed to minimize the overall ramp-up period, getting you up and running up to 95% faster than our competitors
  • Tailored plans that fit every business, no matter what size. Choose from Essential, Advanced, and Premier levels of support
  • Seamless migration – Simple Cloud Assessment & Migration
  • Competitive pricing

Let freedom from security breaches ring!

We’ve all read the headlines. There are numerous potential pitfalls associated with unmanaged hyper-scale clouds such as Azure, AWS, and Google. Sure, these public clouds offer a broad spectrum of services, but when you run your mission critical applications in an unmanaged cloud, passwords alone aren’t enough to protect you from malware, hackers, leaks, and data breaches. In order to truly break free from issues that can impact your mission critical applications in the cloud, you need to work with a trusted advisor like Hostway. We have the expertise to design, build, and run your cloud hosting solution while you focus on what matters most – running your business.
With over 19 years of cloud hosting experience, Hostway has a history of helping industry leading SaaS and software companies run their mission critical applications in the cloud. In addition, we’re a HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting provider – offering highly secure, BAA-backed, 3rd party audited and approved HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting solutions to support a wide range of budgets and use cases.
Ready to declare your independence? Get started by contacting the cloud hosting experts at Hostway for a free Risk Assessment.  We’ll help you understand your risk profile and then work with you to design the right cloud hosting solution for your specific requirements.
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